The seasonal campsite lease for site number ___________ is herein agreed to by ISLAND LAKE CAMPGROUND, hereafter referred to as “Owner” and the party(s) signing the lease, hereafter referred to as the “Seasonal Camper”. By conditions of this lease as follows and further agree to be bound by the rules of the ISLAND LAKE CAMPGROUND (ILC LLC), and assumes responsibility for adherence to these rules by family members and guests.

Campground Description: ISLAND LAKE CAMPGROUND is not a year round business and is not designated or operated for camping on a year-round basis, nor is it a mobile home park. Therefore, seasonal campers may not use the campground as a permanent residence. The campground will be closed from October 31 through April 15 or May 1, of each calendar year with possible exceptions made during hunting seasons. Seasonal campers will adhere to all posted campground boundaries. Campers/RVs must be removed during the offseason.

Seasonal Campground Family: A “Seasonal Campground Family” consists of the adults(s) who have signed the “seasonal Campground Lease” and their dependent children up to 21 years of age. Adult children of the seasonal camping family are considered as a guest and must adhere to all guest policies. It is further agreed; that dependent children under 18 years of age are not allowed to occupy the campsite without a parent present.

Seasonal Campground Lease: The seasonal campground lease terms runs from April 15th or May 1st. of 2016 (weather conditions permitting) to October 31st. 2016 (weather conditions permitting).

 Seasonal Campground Fees: The seasonal camper fee is $1,950.00. To reserve a campsite, please return this signed lease with a deposit of $750.00 made payable to ISLAND LAKE CAMPGROUND.

· Balance of camping fee is due by May 1st of the camping year.

· We will take credit cards, cash or check.

Electricity: Electricity is available and separately metered at each site and a monthly meter reading will be completed by campground personnel. It is your responsibility to pay for your electricity on a twice yearly basis. Statements will be sent to each campground leaseholder on July 1st and October 31th and payments are due within 15 days of receiving your statement. Water, Camping Trash and Sewer (two dumps per month) are provided by ISLAND LAKE CAMPGROUND and the fees for these items are included in your rate.

· Electrical payments received late will be charged interest at an annual rate of 12%.

· We will take credit cards, cash or check.

Late Seasonal Lease Fees: Payments of lease fees are to be received by ISLAND LAKE CAMPGROUND no later than the dates stated in the preceding paragraph. Payment received anytime after the above dates will be accessed a $25 late charge for every month that they are late. Failure to make payments within 30 days of any payment due date will be considered a cancellation of the seasonal campsite lease and the site will be considered open. Upon cancellation of the seasonal campsite lease, the seasonal camper must immediately remove their trailer and any site improvements.

 Refunds: Under certain circumstances refunds will be prorated. Please see Mike Kratt or Ken Kratt with questions.

Guest Policy: Guest policy as follows:

1. Under no circumstances will a seasonal camper be allowed to “sublet their lease agreement” to any other individuals. Guests will be allowed to place a camper, RV or tent, on a seasonal site. Each guest must register at the Island Lake Inn and pay the camping fees in advance before entering the campground. Guests will be charged current overnight camping rates. If a guest resides at a site without paying the fee in advance, the leaseholder will be charged the overnight rate for the guest plus 50%.

 2. Seasonal campers who allow guests to stay in their trailer; in their absence, must notify the campground owners in advance with the names and dates of the guests who will be staying. Guests who use ISLAND LAKE CAMPGROUND facilities in the absence of the seasonal camper will be required to follow the lease agreement of Island Lake Campground. Each guest must register the host before entering the campground. It is the responsibility of the “seasonal camper family” to inform guests of this policy in advance of their stay.

Quiet Time: 10:00pm to 8:00am

Special Event Policy: A seasonal camper; who is planning to have a “special event”, e.g. birthday, anniversary, group party, etc. for seasonal or non-seasonal camper/guests, must notify the Island Lake Campground and it’s owners of this event and the anticipated number of guests. The seasonal camper agrees to be responsible for adherence to all campground rules for themselves and the guests. This includes but is not limited to, maintaining appropriate noise level and respecting the campground quiet hours of 10:00pm to 8:00am. It is also the responsibility of the “seasonal camping family” hosting the party to leave the site neat and clean.

Physical Damage Policy: Seasonal campers will obtain; at their own expense, an appropriate damage insurance policy. This will cover the seasonal camper for loss of any kind, on any and all of their trailer, building structures, boats, boat trailers, docks, golf carts, UTVs, as well as any personal property of any description owned by the seasonal camper. The campground owner shall not be deemed responsible for any loss or damage to any seasonal camper’s property on or at the campground that is not directly attributable to the owners or employees of Island Lake Campground.

Liability and Liability Insurance: Leaseholders are completely responsible for all activities occurring on their site. Special attention should be paid to camper/RV safety precautions including fire, etc. This campground is heavily wooded. Special attention should be paid to the use of campfires. Campfires must be extinguished each evening prior to retiring for the night. No unattended campfires are allowed and allowing an unattended campfire will be grounds for cancellation of the lease with no refund. Seasonal campers will obtain; at their own expense, an appropriate liability insurance policy with adequate limits to cover liability claims resulting from the seasonal camper’s family or their guest’s negligence pertaining to bodily injury or property damage from the use of the campsite, camper or RV, any trailer or building structure, boats, boat trailers, docks and golf carts or UTVs as well as any other personal property of any description for which the seasonal camper is the owner. Suggested policy limit is $1,000,000. Minimum policy limit is $500,000.00. All leaseholders must submit a copy of their insurance declaration sheet prior to moving onto the site. Insurance declaration sheets are available from your agent.

 Acts of God: The Island Lake Campground and its owners assume no responsibility for any electrical malfunctions, fires or any other acts of God during the term of this lease.

Seasonal Campsite Descriptions: Each campsite consists of an area cleared along with the parking areas. (Variations of this may be present on the campground and will be grandfathered in with the owner’s approval). The campground owners furnish each seasonal campsite with the following: one gravel pad for the placement of the camping unit, one electrical pedestal, with 20, 30 or 50 amp service and water hookup.

Seasonal Campsite Improvements: Any requests for modification or improvement to a seasonal campsite must be submitted in writing to the campground owner for approval. Each seasonal camper will be allowed the following improvements on a seasonal campsite.

· One trailer, not exceeding 40 feet; One open deck, not exceeding 20 ft. x 10 ft. with no part over two ft. of the ground; One temporary screen tent; No permanent structures are allowed on the campsite

· All screen houses, decks, sheds need to be approved by owners.

Seasonal Camper/RV Maintenance and Campsite Maintenance: All Campers/RVs must be well maintained and in good working order. All camper/RV systems must be in good working order especially appliances using propane. Seasonal campsite maintenance and its condition are the sole responsibility of the seasonal camper. Campsites must be maintained in a clean and orderly fashion inclusive of the trailer, porches, decks and fire rings, rooms, additions and lawn furniture. Firewood is to be neatly stacked not piled in an amount not to exceed one cord (4 ft. high x 8 ft. long). Building materials must not be stored on the campsite. All on-site storage must be maintained so as not to distract from the view of neighbors. Lawn trimming will be maintained by the seasonal camper. Concerns relative to a poorly maintained seasonal campsite will be discussed with the seasonal camper. In the event it is necessary for the campground owner to maintain a seasonal campsite, the seasonal camper will be assessed a fee. Continued disregard of seasonal campsite maintenance will result in cancellation of the seasonal campsite lease by the campground.  

Sale of the Camper or RV: Owner must approve if seasonal campers are planning on selling and leaving camper or RV on premises for a potential buyer. Seasonal campers may advertise their trailer for sale on the campground bulletin board by submitting an ad and or picture on a letter sized sheet of paper which describes the camper and any improvements, boats, etc. All arrangements to show the trailer are the responsibility of the seller.

Seasonal Trailer Replacement or Movement: Replacement or movement of a trailer on a seasonal campsite must be discussed with the owners of Island Lake Campground prior to moving the unit. All campers/RVs must be removed from the site each year by the end of season deadline. Decks less than two ft. tall may remain if you have reserved your site for the following season. Screen houses and other personal property must be removed by the end of the season. All other items must be removed from the site.

Boat and Docks: Boat docks are available behind the Island Lake Inn and are on a “first come first serve” basis. Boats should be removed from the dock areas when not residing at the campground or you do not intend to use the boat. Owners of the Island Lake Campground and the Island Lake Inn are not responsible for any damage or theft of any boat or related items or possessions left at the campground docks. Boat docks may not be added without the approval and permission of Island Lake Campground.

Golf Cart and UTV Policy: The number of passengers on a golf cart/UTV shall not exceed the number of seats on the golf cart/UTV. Failure to adhere or abide by the following rules will result in loss of privileges at Island Lake Campground.

· Passengers will remain seated at all times · Operators must obey all traffic signs and posted speed limits (5 mph on campground property).

 · All motorized transportation to include golf carts and UTVs must have working headlights for after dark usage and stock factory exhaust. No motorized vehicles with loud exhaust are allowed on the campground property.

· Horns should be working and used for safety and warning purposes only.

 Please note: The campground owners have the right to monitor usage by all campers. Any safety violations will result in the loss of the privileges at Island Lake Campground. Hours of usage for golf carts and UTVs: 9:00am to 10:00pm

Trash Removal/Leaf Burning: Trash removal from the campground occurs on a weekly basis. All trash and recyclables need to be placed in plastic bags and deposited in the designated containers. The dumpsite is to be used strictly for everyday household refuse. Dumpsite is not to be used for appliances, building materials, leaves, grass clippings, carpets, furniture, etc. Continued abuse of this policy will result in a campground monthly trash removal fee of $5.

Lease Termination by Seasonal Camper: Seasonal campers have the right to terminate this lease with a 30 day written notice to the campground owners. If such a termination should occur, seasonal campers agree to remove all personal property, including the seasonal camper within 14 days. There will be no refund of the seasonal fees for early lease termination by a seasonal camper.

Seasonal Camper Violation: Owners may make additional rules or changes to present lease governing Island Lake Campground as campground owner deems necessary in order to protect the interests and safety of other seasonal campers as well as the interests and assets of Island Lake Campground. Seasonal campers agree to observe and comply with all such rules and changes in rules. Any violations of the rules shall be deemed a breach of this lease agreement. Campground owners shall have the right to cancel this agreement for an ongoing violation if necessary. These rules are to help keep everyone safe, not to control what you do at your camper. Please remember to be respectful of your neighbors by keeping the noise level down after 10:00pm. Remind your children to be respectful to other people’s property and to ask to borrow things.

Legal Disclaimer If the need should arise and court action is commenced, by signing this binding agreement, you are waiving your rights to a court trial/action and hereby agree to arbitration. An arbitrator will decide if further legal action is required. I, the undersigned, hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this lease dated on the _________ of _____2016.

Failure to abide by this lease could result in the revocation of privileges at Island Lake Campground located on Boulder Lake Road at Island Lake.


 Printed Name                                                       Leaseholder Signature 


Copyright Island Lake Campground. All Rights Reserved.